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Independent Bookstore of DeLand, FL
New, Used and Collectible Books!
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Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9:30AM-5:30PM

The Family Book Shop accepts all major credit cards


The Family Book Shop has been a staple of DeLand's community for over 35 years. The deceptively large building holds over 300,000 books spread over 6,000 square feet. The store has evolved and grown over the years and through different owners, but is proud to continue as a independent bookstore serving the reading community of Florida! 

The Family Book Shop is a proud member of the Southern Independent Bookstore Alliance (SIBA)




Kerry and Kaaren Johnson 


Kerry and Kaaren bought the Family Bookshop in 2015, fulfilling a lifelong dream of being small business owners and combining it with their love of reading and collecting books. They hope to continue to grow the Family Book Shop to reach new readers!

Kerry's favorite authors: Stephen King, Greg Iles, Michael Connelly and Michael Crichton

Kaaren's favorite authors: Mary Stewart, Nora Roberts, WEB Griffin



Jessica W. 

Jessica G. 



Ink - Our Bookstore Cat
He'll tell you he's read everything in the store, but all we see him do is nap!


The Family Book Shop
The Family Book Shop

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We have lots of new titles!
We have lots of new titles!

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A collector's edition of a favorite title is a great gift for a friend, and these are beautiful to display!

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The Family Book Shop
The Family Book Shop

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The Family Book Shop offers a trade system for used books. This is a credit system, not cash. We do not buy books for cash

1. Trade credit can be used towards purchases of used books only.

2. Used books brought in for trade credit are evaluated for condition and need. Value may vary based on this criteria. Trade credit is offered as a sum-total for all books brought in.

3. If The Family Book Shop already has multiple copies of a book offered for trade credit, or the book condition is poor, staff may choose not to accept this book for credit. The customer may choose to donate this book. The Family Book Shop regularly donates books to charity and to veteran's hospitals.

4. A trade credit log will be given to the customer with the amount available and the date received. As the customers uses credit it will be deducted, or added if they bring more books to be traded.

5. Trade credit may be used on up to 1/2 the price of used books to be purchased. (For example - A used book with a retail price of $10 may be sold for $5. A customer uses $2.50 of trade credit and pays only

$2.50 in cash)

6. Customers retain possession of the trade credit log. The Family Book Shop does not keep a record of the amount of trade credit a customer has.

7. Trade credit may be shared among family members but not given or sold to any other party.

8. Trade credit has no cash value.

9. Trade credit expires one year after last date used.

10. The Family Book Shop retains the right to change trade credit policies and procedures at any time.

The Family Book Shop accepts books for trade-in Monday through Friday. We ask that customers limit their trade-ins to three (3) bags or small boxes at a time. If you have more than this amount, please call ahead and make an appointment. The store's phone number is (386) 736-6501.

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